What does that mean ?

From an etymological point of view, sophrology comes from three Greek words =

Sos = disease free, balanced, harmonious

Phren = diaphragm, emotional soul, by extension, mind, consciousness

Logos = science, study, speech


Sophrology can thus be translated as "study of human consciousness"

What is that ?

Sophrology is a simple, powerful methodology, accessible to all, practiced standing or seated.

It consists of a set of techniques:


  • breathing,

  • relaxation,

  • concentration,

  • visualization,

  • bodily movements.

Sophrology is for everyone: children, adolescents and adults.

Why use it?

Sophrology allows you to refocus on yourself, to listen to yourself, to promote awareness and to find new resources.

Through practice and repetition, relaxation sets in and tensions are released.


You develop a more positive view of yourself; have more self-confidence and are in charge of your own changes.


Children and Adolescents

I offer individual sessions with techniques adapted to help children and adolescents to :

  • soothe and control their emotions and anxieties through breathing and relaxation

  • develop their attention, concentration, memorization

  • strengthen their self confidence and in the relationships with others

  • develop their creativity, their imagination

  • to relax

  • discover or reclaim their body through play

From 6 years old

Children and Adolescents

with specific needs

I work with children / adolescents with:

  • Hypersensitive

  • With Attention Disorder with or without Hyperactivity - (ADHD)

  • High potential

  • With Dys Disorders (Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia, Dysphasia, Dyslexia, Dysorthography,

  • Dysgraphia)

Sophrology can help them channel their energy, control their fears, make it easier to fall asleep, manage their emotions, and develop their concentration and creativity.

I offer concrete solutions so that they feel better, accept themselves as they are and regain self-confidence.


Sophrology can be used in many situations:

  • health: in the face of illness, sophrology helps to regain a feeling of well-being, to reclaim one's body, to bring relaxation and to get back in touch with one's potential. (Sophrology does not replace medical advice in any way)

  • manage stress and emotions

  • control your fears and anxieties

  • improve your sleep

  • prepare for events (exams, ...), for difficult situations

  • prevent and manage Burn-Out

Remboursement par la mutuelle

Le saviez-vous ?

Plusieurs mutuelles remboursent la sophrologie sous réserve de certaines conditions. N'hésitez pas à prendre contact avec la vôtre pour plus d'informations !


Individual meetings

The sessions take place in the office or at home.

Duration of a session:

  • From 45 minutes to 1 hour for a child or a teenager as needed

  • 1 hour for an adult


I adapt the session according to your needs and select the most suitable techniques.

At the end of the session, I recommend exercises to do at home, in complete autonomy.


Thematic workshops are organized to meet and discuss.


Manage stress

The emotions

Channel your energy

Develop your creativity


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