The unspeakable in tales

We often talk about the benefits of fairy tales, that's what I did in a previous article, but today, I wanted to go further ... to touch the unspeakable a little more, which is what we cannot perceive….

To touch the invisible of what tales can bring, I will first of all quote the work of Jean-Pascal Debailleul , therapist and coach. Through his book on “the synchronicity of tales ", he delivers the keys of wisdom to” activate ”the field of possibilities. He thus teaches how to move from storytelling to reality and translate this knowledge into everyday life. ”Tales allow the fulfillment of wishes” explains Jean-Pascal Debailleul .

But there, that could be the conclusion, but no, you did not read anything nor did I write anything ☺

Let me explain it to you, tell you…

In the structure of the tales, a series of synchronicities or coincidences causes a profound transformation to the central character often perceived as " irrational ".

The hero is, at a given moment, in a dead end but he is animated by an imperative need to move forward, to solve his problem. Tales would thus be carriers of active synchronicities and understanding how they work can allow even more openness to oneself.

But what is synchronicity ?

Psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung defines synchronicity as "a temporal coincidence of two or more events with no causal link between them and having an identical or analogous meaning ". An unconscious image enters consciousness - in the form of an idea, symbol, dream or premonition - and an objective situation coincides with this content. Then, it is the observer who gives value to this synchronicity.

It can be also associated with the notion of collective unconscious which is a concept developed by Carl Gustav Jung.

It designates human functioning linked to the imaginary , common or shared, whatever the times and places, and which influence and condition individual and collective representations

Thus, this collective unconscious is made up of different archetypes which are thought forms comparable to the morphic fields developed by Rupert Sheldrake , parapsychologist.

But what is a morphic field?

It is an expression which defines a hypothetical field which would contain energy or information without being made up of matter. These fields are said to be decisive in the behavior of living beings, in particular in that they inherit the habits of the species by “morphic resonance”.

Jean-Pascal Debailleul speaks of a quantum field of available information which, like that, it can be difficult to access.

Is it a real sign of life ?

If we change our point of view, if we start from this energy field, quantum or this morphic resonance, synchronicity is, without doubt, one of the best marks of human intuition. Premonitory dream, clairvoyance, symbols, situations of repetition, coincidences. All of this is in so many forms. However, spotting them and believing in the signs is not easy.

Some people who are too rational will not perceive the messages except to indicate it is by chance and others more receptive will find meaning in them. It is during periods of reflection, doubt and questioning that synchronicities arise ...

And what are these signs ?

- A very strong one is love synchronicity = the same words said at the same time, the person calling you at the same time that you were going to do it

- The synchronicity hours = look on her phone or a watch or a clock and play double hours (11:11 or 10:22 p.m.) or that of an inverted mirror (12:21)

- The premonitions about an upcoming event on the health of a loved one (who are synchronicities for François de Witt)

- But also, read a book or watch a movie or listen to a song that completely describes what we are going through.

- Hear unfamiliar people talk about a topic you are thinking about

- Talk about a person you have in common with an interlocutor and see this person arrive

- Wear identical colors or prints without having consulted with your interlocutor

- Finding the solution to a problem by chance when one had not started to try to solve it.

If I give so much detail, it is because it seems interesting to highlight the subtle side of this synchronicity, of perceiving these synchronicities.

So, in a more general way than Carl Gustav Jung defined it, researcher Dean Radin more simply defines this experience as an uncontrolled situation that makes sense.

Whatever its shape, we can define a synchronicity by several elements =

· the unpredictability of this event which can happen at any time,

· the absence of link and cause in the situation and the subjective state in which we find ourselves,

· the importance and significance we give this event.

what is the link with tales ?

I will quote the writer Gustave Thibon “It is not the light that is lacking in our gaze, it is our gaze that is lacking in light.”

Open up to the gaze of the marvellous, to the gaze of the tale, to the wisdom of tales.

Dennis Boyes - author and painter - in “Initiation and wisdom of fairy tales " highlights that the symbols and images present in the tales, generate in the reader, forces which will initiate him to life and discovery of himself.

In a more refined way, tales have the gift of featuring characters in which children and adults alike can relate =

1. The context of the tale allows the person to objectify his problems, to become aware of them more easily, and thus to get out of them more easily.

2. The situations described guide her in the search for her path, for the appropriate solution to her problems.

3. The sympathy the beneficent characters awaken in her, leads her to love herself and to tame herself, while the antipathy inspired in her by evil subjects protects her against premature contact with the negative forces of her being.

4. Finally, the images of the tales act on the unconscious and can perform a curative action.

In real life - not that of fairy tales ☺- a positive attitude will leave room for new energies and will make it easier to welcome these synchronicities, to better feel them and to use these hints to move forward. Giving meaning to these synchronicities means finding answers that are buried deep within you and making choices based on your values.

Beyond opening to subtleness, to the unspeakable of these synchronicities, I will mention, to complete the work of Jean-Pascal Debailleul which began with: ...

The tales are carriers of active synchronicities, evolving in a quantum field of available information. Simply, it is difficult to access.

Jean-Pascal Debailleul emphasizes that “tales allow the fulfilment of wishes”.

The first step is to make a wish: “you have to be moved by an imperative need, to open up this field of everything possible”. To “activate synchronicities ", you have to ask a question, emit a frequency, a signal that will find an echo, a resonance.

The second step is to meet the challenge by maintaining the signal against resistance. “We will have to face all our resistance to change and our fears. », He warns. This “active” dynamic of synchronicities is accompanied by an acceleration that will bring changes, while protecting itself from internal assaults such as fear, the desire to control, the will.

In the last step, the challenge is to find your talent. This transforms the situation. ”To be fulfilled in the magic of coincidences, it is necessary to go beyond your individual growth model, for an overall plan where a multitude of models interacting with each other are coordinated".

Tales invite change, metamorphosis. It's important to look at the big picture - rather than an individual point of view.

Another way with the tales of living synchronicity, the unspeakable to go towards oneself, is to go to the essential. Telling stories, listening to tales allows a return to oneself, an in depth work on oneself.

So, you just have to open a tale...

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