Having friends is good for your health!

Like all children your age, you certainly have boyfriends and girlfriends. Sharing moments of play, discussing, having confidence, and telling secrets… it's very important in life! But do you know that friendship helps you be healthy? Do you want to know how it works? We tell you everything in this article.

Nothing like having friends to stay in shape

Scientists have shown that having friends has many benefits for growing up well and being healthy. Here are 5 examples of what they discovered:

1. When you are with your friends, you feel well surrounded and you share good times : it's excellent for your spirits and it gives you self-confidence . Friendship gives wings!

2. If you like to play sports, you have undoubtedly already noticed that it is more pleasant to practice with a friend than alone… friendship therefore allows you to increase your motivation to play sports , it is a 100% win to stay fit.

3. With your friends, you can also share your sorrows or difficulties: friends help you feel better and reduce your stress . It is therefore beneficial for your body, but also for your mind.

4. Don't worry: having an imaginary friend is good too! It allows you to be more creative and more attentive to others’ emotions.

5. And if you are friends with your cat, your dog or your rabbit, the benefits are the same. Your pet gives you affection and you take good care of it, which gives you confidence .

How to make friends?

You meet other children your age in the school or college yard. But it's easier to make friends when you share a passion or an activity. You will certainly find a lot of things to talk about with a friend who plays basketball with you!

If you don't know how to start a conversation with other kids, here are some tips that almost always work:

· be nice and polite,

· take an interest in them, ask questions about what they like,

· share a snack,

· tell a joke ...

Friends for life ? As you grow up, you notice that your passions change: Legos no longer interest you, but beware of whoever touches your Pokemon album ! The same is happening with your friends. Some friendships will disappear and others will be created, that's normal. Be careful on the other hand with the "friends" that you can meet on Internet: you do not see them in real life and they can have bad intentions…

Now you know what you have to do: leave this screen and hang out with your friends!

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