Benefits of sophro-therapeutic tales

Several weeks ago, I was telling you about the benefits of tales ... and you were able to discover the sophrological tales made available to you since lock down to relax, do sophrology simply at home ...

Today, I would like to tell you about a new type of tales on which I am working = these are the sophro-therapeutic tales ...

Do you know what a sophrological tale is?

There are some on the website . It is a tale, a short story with sophrological intents . This allows access to the benefits of sophrology through relaxation, visualizations, concentration, breathing and bodily movements that can be performed during the story told.

The stories are short, positive and allow the listener to access relaxation, to return to a more positive self, to discover their capacities. They can be aimed at children, adolescents and adults.

And the therapeutic tale?

The therapeutic tales transpose a real situation into a fantasy context. Children and adults alike can identify with the hero or heroine, while having the impression that they are not specifically spoken of. Although the story is about other children or other adults, they will be able to imagine the situations described from their own experiences.

Therapeutic tales are recommended to help cope with difficult times. They are designed in such a way as to help you get through the challenges of everyday life.

So what did I want to do by writing sophro-therapeutic tales…?

Reach for both benefits:

- Listen to a story

- Have access to relaxation through sophrology techniques and be able to return to oneself and to more positive, discover its capacities and then be able to practice

- Listen to a story on a specific theme while recognizing yourself in the hero and help get through difficult situations

Go further, listen to the story as much as you want ...

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