Qui suis-je ?

Emmanuelle Bottreau

Or Should I rather say: what brought me there or what drives me today,

because everything is coherent and is not due to chance :-)


First of all, there is the writing, the creativity, the imagination. I have been

doing this since I was young. I started writing stories and telling them to children when I was a camp and recreation centre leader. Later, I continued to train myself in writing at the Aleph  and I was able to touch on many styles including storytelling.

The tale, the transmission

I followed storytellers Michel Hindenoch, Annie Kiss during the world of oral storytelling and transmission weekends in the golden age of France .


I also volunteered with an association proposing tales to children, elderly characters in different structures. I felt the joy of being able to sharing all the diversity of story telling, to transmiting these small magical moments..

Support for children

For several years, I have also humbly accompanied sick children and adolescents at SaintLouis Hospital in Paris, in Hematology. There is, where in this antechamber of death, I wasable to feel authenticity, joy and an incredible vitality

Sophrological tales

Then, since March 2020 and the successive lockdowns, I once again wrote sophrological tales for everyone ... a contribution, a way of supporting each other’s as needed ...

Human Resources and professional support

On the professional side, I graduated in Work Psychology at the University of Paris 5 (René Descartes), I worked for 20 years in various Human Resources functions in the IT and banking sectors, supporting employees in their careers but also

developing career paths. I always had in mind that we had to put people back at the centre of the company and give them time for their professional and personal development.

Put people at the centre

Over the past few years, I have wanted to have a more humanistic approach, gearedtowards personal development. So I trained successively in the profession of Sophrologist at the ISR  and in individual Coaching. This journey consolidates me

in the desire to be a Sophrologist fulltime, to leave space and time, for the development of each in complete autonomy and benevolence. From my experience, I am naturally interested in the corporate world.


In 2019, I created my company FacilitationS oriented, in Sophrology, for the support of children, adolescents and adults, in particular with specific needs (because it is an area that I know well!) = Dys disorders, Hypersensitivity, ADHD, High Potential.

I bring, in a non-judgemental framework and in complete autonomy, a methodology with a different connection to one's body and to oneself therefore for a better management of stress, one's emotions and anxieties, sleep, a development of the concentration, homework time ...

A space is left for authenticity, for development at his own pace. I bring another light to my practice in sophrology with training in Brain Gym, in Mindful Meditation.

Now, I take individual face to face appointment in sophrology in Nouvoitou and Fougères but also online video meetings. I also lead specific workshops (on hypersensitivity, ADHD, DYS disorders, etc.), Parents - Children workshops. I worked with associations for Ewenlife Maladies Rares and Z-lab (association which supports young people in a situation of school phobia).

I's just exciting!


Emmanuelle Bottreau

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