Code of ethics of the Union of Professional Sophrologists


Sophrology is a specific discipline in the field of human sciences. It uses an original methodology and a set of techniques intended to positively mobilize the capacities and resources that exist in every human being, thus aiming to strengthen the healthy structures of the person. It gives birth to better possibilities of adaptation to new living conditions in society. Very widely used in the clinical and therapeutic field, Sophrology today presents a social, preventive and educational character which is addressed to everyone, from the preparation of the birth to the end of life support. The practice of Sophrology today represents a new profession in its own right. 


The training must include at least 300 face-to-face hours of practical and theoretical lessons. Correspondence training is not recognized. 

Professional practice conditions - Legislation

The sophrologist can exercise his activity: 

- Either as a profession in its own right

- Either as a complementary method fully integrated into his profession or his specialty of doctor, midwife, nurse, physiotherapist, teacher, sports trainer ...

- Or in addition to another professional activity


The Sophrologist provides individual sessions, group training for private clients or within companies and institutions. He uses and adapts sophrology for a specific application in the field of his skills. The Sophrologist has the choice to exercise his

activity between the different professional legal statutes. For the legal exercise of his activity, it is up to the Sophrologist to establish all the necessary declarations to public bodies. He undertakes to respect the legislation in force.


The Sophrologist undertakes to respect the frameworks and general principles of the method. He respects the values ​​defended by Sophrology : responsibility, tolerance, respect for individual freedom and human dignity, both towards his clients and

towards his colleagues. He exercises his activity without any discrimination of age, sex, race, religion or political affiliation.



The Sophrologist is bound by absolute respect for professional secrecy towards his clients, so as to ensure the protection of the framework of professional practice. In the conduct of the groups, he will inform the participants of the extension of

professional secrecy to each of them. Professional secrecy can only be lifted within the framework of the provisions provided for by law.

Responsibility - Competence

The Sophrologist has acquired during his training the methodological, theoretical, technical and practical frameworks specific to its professional method. He undertakes to respect the frameworks and limits of his skills, to inform and justify them to his

customers. The Sophrologist does not compete with health professionals. He does not make a diagnosis, does not influence the therapeutic choices of his clients and does not interfere with current treatments. He directs to a competent and suitably

qualified therapist the client who requires assistance which is not within his competence. He plays his role of auxiliary of health with discretion and competence with other professionals. In the event of co- animation or subcontracting, it ensures

the competence of its employees and assumes full responsibility for their interventions. 


He invoices his clients for the exact amount of his services that he appreciates with tact and moderation according to his skills and the social fabric in which he works.

Cooperation - Solidarity

The Sophrologist shows solidarity with his colleagues. He cooperates with those who request him and facilitates, to the extent of his means, their integration into the profession. He refrains from any judgment vis-à-vis his colleagues, both professionally and privately.


In case of particular difficulty, the Sophrologist can seek advice from a member of the Union of Sophrologists Professionals (SSP) and / or seek help from professionals compétents.En if different, the Sophrologist an amicable solution can apply if necessary, arbitration by the Union of Professional Sophrologists.

Brand image

The Sophrologist commits, through his actions, his words, his behavior in general, to give a respectful and rewarding image of his profession.


The Sophrologist is free and responsible for establishing his publicity and information, taking into account the legislation in force. Any false advertising is strictl prohibited and reprehensible (unrealistic promises, usurpation of skills, etc.)

Breach of ethics

Any signatory Sophrologist and / or member of the Union of Professional Sophrologists is required to respect the code of ethics. In the event of an infringement, the office of the Syndicate of Professional Sophrologists may impose sanctions against the offender which may range from a simple warning to exclusion. In the event of a serious or repeated infringement, the Syndicate of Professional 


Sophrologists may take part civil in a lawsuit brought against a Sophrologist.


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